Play LAN-only games together over the Internet with WireGuard

WireGuard logo

This post describes how to configure WireGuard, an open-source point-to-point tunnel, to play LAN-only games together over the Internet. This includes games that never had Internet-based but only LAN-based match-making in the first place (mostly older games) - but also games that by design would have had both, but for which the Internet-based match-making servers sadly are no longer active.

i3 window manager: selectively make any notification urgent (urgency flag) to highlight the workspace

This post highlights how to make any DBUS notification use the demands_attention flag, which can be used to mark the corresponding application, window, or workspace as requiring attention. This might be especially useful for e.g. users of the i3 window manager: for applications that show popup notifications (e.g. Dunst) but do not set the urgency hint, there often is no visual hint after the popup has disappeared. The solution is to intercept the notification in Dunst and set the urgency hint by hand - which works with any any EWHM/NetWM compatible X window manager, including the i3 window manager.

Are Linux Updates Available? Status Information from Arch or Debian/Ubuntu for your status bar (e.g. i3blocks/i3status for i3 wm)

When you run Linux on your work machine (desktop, laptop, etc), you usually want to be informed in some way about system updates being available. This post showcases two scripts for Arch Linux and Debian/Ubuntu to represent the update status in short, concise, and human understandable string, which can be included in any status bar, like i3blocks or i3status with the i3/i3-gaps window manager.

Arch Linux: why you want to use it

If you have some Linux knowledge but are unsure which Linux distribution might be the right one for your personal PC or laptop this post is for you. I've recently held a talk titled "Arch Linux: why you want to use it". The talk highlights a) when/why you might want to use Arch Linux, b) that Arch is not difficult, and c) some core concepts of Arch you should be aware of.