git-difftool: an easy way to highlight changes in git-managed text files

git ships a nice little tool to compare two different versions of the same textfile and highlight its differences: git difftool. It basically does two things for you. a) checkout the versions of the file to compare. b) fire up your diff program to show you/highlight the differences. This posts explains how git difftool can quickly be configured and how it's used.

git-latexdiff errors? Workaround: using latexdiff manually allows fixing broken things

In certain cases git-latexdiff might terminate with errors instead of producing a visual diff file. For example, it might struggle with broken latex code, broken figures, certain usage of subfiles, etc. In such cases, it might help to manually do what git-latexdiff would do fully automatically for you. This post is provides a simple step-by-step explanation of how you could achieve visual highlighting even with broken Latex files.