How I learned to type the Neo2 keyboard layout: a review after the first 1.5 years

A couple of years back, I was asking myself: should I switch my keyboard layout to a more effective one? If yes, which new layout should I learn? For obvious reasons I searched for reports of people that did such a switch before. And this is why I try to give such a report myself now, after typing Neo2 for about 1.5 years - which seems to be a good point for summarizing my success story with Neo2 so far.

Magic number board puzzle solver in Python

The magic number board puzzle is yet another equation puzzle (similar to the first equation puzzle or Jodici) - but has a notable larger solution space. The magic number board is a quadratic board, consisting of 5x5 = 25 fields, which are organized as 5 horizontal rows and 5 vertical columns. Each field should contain … Continue reading Magic number board puzzle solver in Python